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Home News At the day of being discharged from the Chelyabinsk clinic Jeff Monson makes a declaration of love to Russia.

At the day of being discharged from the Chelyabinsk clinic Jeff Monson makes a declaration of love to Russia.

24 January 2019

22 January at the day when a famous sportsman is discharged from the clinic, there is a press-conference of Jeff Monson and Stepan Firstov at the media holding «Granda Press» with journalists from Chelyabinsk.

The first question turns to be predictable: «How are you feeling now?»

«The surgery was complex. But I am getting better every day. A week went by and I am already walking on crutches», answered Monson

To add, there were difficulties to reach the meeting with Mass Media representatives. It is not that easy to overcome four floors on crutches, but the character of a real wrestler affects here: if it has to be done, it has to be done. And speaking about trainings, Monson is going to return to them in a week according his plans. And in December next year the sportsman is going to participate in the world jiu-jitsu competitions in California.

Stepan Firstov, a General Director of FMC clinic, where the hip joint replacement was made, is also optimistic:

«We warned the patient about all risks implicating the joint replacement. Those, who has undergone such a surgery, knew for sure, that the life is divided in two ways «before» and «after» the surgery. Body load balancing changes and a man learns to walk again as a child. A perfect rehabilitation option at this period is to be always on the move. The patient realizes it, too, and we expect a good result».

The second question interested many journalists is why do you choose to do surgery at the clinic in Chelyabinsk region having an opportunity to stay at any other medical hospital. Monson answered honestly:

«Because I know this man / Stepan Firstov. A year ago I met him when I came to Chelyabinsk to do jiu-jitsu master class. He saw me and simultaneously determined with his own eyes that I had a bad hip and offered his help.

As Stepan Firstov noticed: «There is a key factor effecting the decision to take care of such a complex patient — experience and qualification of doctors working at the FMC clinc.» Our priority is continuing professional education based on knowledge transfer from one generation of doctors to the next one. Association of traumatologists and orthopedists is created by us from the ground and all doctors are members of it. To continue sport career is a deliberate choice of the patient. We can only provide a medical care for him in future. All patients are important for us, no matter, whether it is an old lady from Zlatoust town or a famous sportsman. We keep watching for all our patients after the surgery. We are not interested in a number of treated patients but in completely cured.»

The days in Miass Monson will remember for a long time. He has many positive emotions on his birthday, 18 January. More over, a day before being discharged from hospital, a famous athlete had a warm talk with oncology department patients of Miass State hospital. He supported them and tried to give hope for the best.

Jeff Monson told us about his public work as a Krasnogorsk city district of Moscow region deputy:

«Now I am working on two big projects. The first is elaboration of sport for children. I am interested in creating new fields for children' activity. It is important for them to do something interesting and useful after school. The second project includes facilitation to defrauded investors. Money paid for dwellings, which are not received, must be turned back»!

Within an hour, Monson answers many different questions including his diet to keep fit. By the way, he has a weakness: «I love khachapuri»! He says about his free time: «I really like playing with my children. Now I start reading books in russian to my daughter. She is seven months old.

At the end of press conference Jeff Monson says a very heartfelt speech, confessing his great love to Russia and considering request from journalists he sings a few lines from the song named «we are waiting for changes» of Victor Tsoy:

«This song is about changes for a better life. Everyone wishes it, people do not afraid of changes and all these changes depend on ordinary people».

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