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Physician, Politician, Social Activist, Associate Member of the World Medical Association

«The most important condition to implement the human right to health is professionally skilled and responsible for their work physicians. To protect a physician means to protect a patient.»

Stepan Firstov

Home News Stepan Firstov participated in the Conference "Physician 2030: The future is around the corner"

Stepan Firstov participated in the Conference "Physician 2030: The future is around the corner"

23 May 2019

13-15 May in Tel-Aviv (Israel) there was the Conference organized by the World Medical Association (WMA), Israel Medical Association jointly with the World Health Organization (WHO) and dedicated to the future of medicine «Physicians 2030». It was one the first scientific events. Main medicine development milestones and the meaning of the medicine profession for the nearest decade were scheduled. Stepan Firstov took part in the event as an associate member of the World Medical Association.

The Conference was opened by the President of the WMA Leonid Eidelman and the Director General of the World Health Organization Tedros Adhanom. Leaders from the German, French, Japanese, British and many other medical associations
were at the presidium and just at the hall of the Conference.

At the process of reports discussion participants of the Conference outlined the main vectors of the medicine development in the modern world. Today a physician can not, but consider global medicine trends such as digitalization and the importance growth of an artificial intelligence.

Speakers from Israel, which is the leading country in the robotization of medicine, set the tone for this discussion. Thus, the issues of role and place of the physican were in a great interest. For example, in what cases it is ethical and properly to replace a physician with a robot and in what cases you should not do it. Particularly, such a complex issue turned to be an issue of diagnosis, because today artificial intelligence is able to collect anamnesis and diagnose the patient. Who is
responsible for decisions making? This complex issue remained still current and was moved to the agenda of the future Conferences.

A great resonance was caused by the presentation of the mathematician from Israel, professor of the European university in Jerusalem, laureate of the Nobel prize 2005 on economy "For understanding of conflict issues and cooperation with the help of analysis in the framework of game theory&quot, Robert Aumann. His report was dedicated to the current topic of the effective logistics in cases when a patient needs organ transplantation.

Relevant and broad meaning challenge such as doctor-patient relationships was considered in details.

Stepan Firstov summarizes: «In my opinion, this Conference had a strategic importance for medicine development demonstrating, that the central place in this process is for a doctor. Unfortunately, Russia is a little aside from these important events such as this Conference «Physician 2030: The future is around the corner.»