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«The most important condition to implement the human right to health is professionally skilled and responsible for their work physicians. To protect a physician means to protect a patient.»

Stepan Firstov

Home News Stepan Firstov is going to study work of the Brazilian Medical Association.

Stepan Firstov is going to study work of the Brazilian Medical Association.

30 September 2019

Upon an invitation of the President of the Brazilian Medical Association, Ferreira Lincoln Lopes, for an associate member of the World Medical Association, Stepan Firstov, is going to visit Brazil 1-5 October 2019.

The main aim is to study structure and activity of the Brazilian Medical Association. Stepan Firstov has been collecting information for several years about experience of professional public associations uniting doctors. Presenting results of the work Stepan Firstov reads his report at the Southeast European Medical Forum in Bulgaria, September. His presentation is devoted to activity analysis of many national medical associations from different countries. He notes, «Nowadays, it is obvious, that there is no a perfect medical association that meets the requirements of medical community, the government as well as patients. But, it is also true, that issue to create national medical association in Russia, that would correspond to global standards and demands of professional community, is still current.»

Exploring experience of the Brazilian Medical Association on the ground in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro will complete the study with new data.


For reference

The Brazilian Medical Association was founded by Dr. Jairo de Almeida Ramos in 1951, and he was its first President. The main mission of BMA is to protect dignity of the doctor and provide well-qualified medical services to the population of the country.

Currently, the association is headed by Ferreira Lincoln Lopes. The BMA includes 27 state medical associations and 396 regional associations. The scientific council of the association consists of specialized societies, that represent recognized medical specialties in Brazil. Leaders of the association attach great importance to improve level of professional trainings for doctors in Brazil, so the program of continuing medical education (EMC) is successfully implemented.

The BMA headquarters is located in Sao Paulo. BMA actively cooperates with the World Medical Association and the Portuguese-Speaking Medical Community, which unites countries such as Angola, Brazil, Republic of Cape Verde, Portugal and Mozambique.