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«The most important condition to implement the human right to health is professionally skilled and responsible for their work physicians. To protect a physician means to protect a patient.»

Stepan Firstov

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70th General Assembly of the World Medical Association in Tbilisi draws attention to the global humanity problems

01 November 2019

Stepan Firstov takes part at the 70th General Assembly of the World Medical Association, which is held in Tbilisi 23-26 October 2019. The purpose of the event, which regularly takes place in different parts of the world and unites delegates representing the medical community from all around the world, traditionally is to discuss the most current issues affecting mankind. Key and the most discussed topics at the Assembly in Tbilisi are those related to euthanasia, ecology and nutrition structure of the population.

The list of participating countries in Tbilisi is impressive. There are representatives from 54 states including Armenia, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bangladesh, Belgium, Brazil, Bolivia, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, China, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Kuwait, Latvia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Portugal, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Senegal, Serbia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Uruguay, Vatican, Venezuela, Canada and Russia.

One of the brightest and the most prominent moments of the event is appointment of a new President of the World Medical Association, Dr. Miguel Jorge. In his inaugural Presidential speech he emphasizes the importance of empathy in medical profession at the daily routine, «We are all know that medicine is science as well as art. But in the last few decades, medical practice has only scientific nature. A competent physician is not a mechanic of a human body, but one who is equally able to combine technical excellent practice with being closer to the patient, respect dignity, have compassion and sympathy.» Moreover, Dr. Jorge notes that it is necessary to use new tools provided by the progress of medical science and developments. 

So, the one of many ways of physician-patient relationship is social networks considering the new President of the World Medical Association. He also added, «…physicians working under more difficult circumstances than their collegues often can not do their best for the patients because of lack of resources. But the physician will implement his mission, if he has maximum empathy to the patients.»

A number of policies including Declaration on Euthanasia are adopted at the 70th General Assembly of the World Medical Association by the participants. The World Medical Association again proves its strict commitment to the principles of medical ethics as well as to human life consideration.

The document clearly states: «The World Medical Association strongly opposes euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide. No one of the physicians should be forced to participate in euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide.» The Tbilisi Declaration defines euthanasia as «the deliberate act of a physician administering a lethal substance or carrying out an intervention to cause the death of a patient under personal wish of a patient.» Explaining this definition, the Chairman of the World Medical Association, Dr. Frank Ulrich Montgomery says: «By holding consultative conferences with participation of represantatives from about the world, we think, that this revised definition corresponds to the opinion of majority of physicians around the world.»

Another key topic of the 70th General Assembly of the World Medical Association is devoted to the climate changes. Today we have the most prominent than ever issue of harmful industry reduction on peoples' health. The World Medical Association calls on physicians to support actions aimed to environmental situation improvement, reduction of harmful industrial emissions, which negatively affect the nature and human habitat. Tbilisi talks a lot about the current emergent climate situation. Assembly delegates call on colleagues to actively find ways to work with governments to achieve so-called carbon neutrality by 2030.

Discussing the problem of the nutrition structure of a modern man, the participants of the General Assembly of the World Medical Association have special attention to the growth of sugar consumption, which has a negative impact on health and causes serious diseases. In this regard, the World Medical Association calls on all governments to introduce a tax on sugar. Taking this measure, it is planned to reduce the availability to sugar, including sweetened beverages. Collected taxes, according to the World Medical Association experts' opinion, should be used to implement health promotion programs aimed to reduce a number of obesity men and noncommunicable diseases. Sugar consumption can be reduced, as stated at the General Assembly in Tbilisi. We should implement introduction of mandatory labeling on products containing sugar substances as well as strict regulations on advertising, especially, that aimed to children's audiences.

Delegates of the 70th General Assembly of the World Medical Association in Tbilisi in their comments note a perfect event organization permeated with the spirit of Caucasian hospitality. For example, a participant from Bulgaria, Vessela Kekhayova, markes the great work carried out by the Georgian Medical Association and, especially, by its President, professor Gia Lobzhanidze.

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