Firstov Stepan



Physician, Politician, Social Activist, Associate Member of the World Medical Association

«The most important condition to implement the human right to health is professionally skilled and responsible for their work physicians. To protect a physician means to protect a patient.»

Stepan Firstov

Home News Stepan Firstov takes part at the WMA 71 GA, which will be held in a new format.

Stepan Firstov takes part at the WMA 71 GA, which will be held in a new format.

13 October 2020

Stepan Firstov participates in the WMA 71 General Assembly as an Associate Member. It is not for the first time for him to share experience and represent interests of his own country at the events of international level.


The event should have held in the «Eurostars palace» Congress hall on 23, 26-30 October in Cordoba, Spain. However, taking tense situation of COVID-19 outbreak, it is proposed to move in-person to online meeting for the period of 14, 26-30 October. It is worth to be noticed, that considering WMA ExCo, many meetings have already been taking in the same online format, for example «COVID-19, climate change and politics».

The main and current issue of scientific session, which occupies many minds, is «Transplants and Donation / Organ Trafficking: International Scenario.» 14 October is going to be the Associate Members Meeting. It will be followed by 215th Prelimanary Council Meeting in the morning on 26 October. In the evening there will be Finance and Planning Committee meeting. 27-28 October attention will be paid to the meetings of Socio-Medical Affairs and Medical Ethics Committees. 29 October participants visit the main 215th Council Session. 30 October all representers of medical associations will have ceremonial and plenary Council Session and the event finishes with the 216th Council Session.

There will be simultaneous interpretation in English, French, Spanish and Japanese.

This very important online event will be joined by representers of medical associations of many European and African countries as well as countries of Americas, Asia and Pacific.