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«The most important condition to implement the human right to health is professionally skilled and responsible for their work physicians. To protect a physician means to protect a patient.»

Stepan Firstov

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Doctors in Miass may be stood off work.

18 February 2021

The vicious practice of the executive branch praising doctors for their heroism and professionalism in the fight against the pandemic and at the same time issuing orders, that significantly worsen the already unenviable situation of HCW should be stopped. This problem is stated by the leader of the regional branch of the Party of Pensioners in Chelyabinsk region, Head of the deputy faction in the regional Legislative Assembly, Stepan Firstov: «Doctors at deputy meetings said, that they would not need a gratitude and handouts of 5 thousand rubles, if they were completely out of work the day after.»
During the meeting of the committee on social policy Stepan Firstov draws attention of the Minister of Health, Yuri Semenov, to the fact that in Chelyabinsk region doctors may lose their jobs or salaries due to the decision of the regional department to review the funding of hospitals in three cities including Miass. These clinics operate in the Federal biomedical agency system, but receive part of the financial resources from the territorial Compulsory Health Insurance Fund as payment for inpatient medical care provided to patients.
According to Stepan Firstov, the central health care unit located in Snezhinsk receives from Chelyabinsk territorial Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund financing resources for 1,745 patients in 2020. But it can accommodate only 748 patients in 2021. Such sequester is seen in the hospitals of Ozersk, Trekhgorny and in the Ministry of Emergency situations №92 in Miass. At the same time, according to hospitals data, the whole January they have been working, made inpatients' appointments, but receive new information only on January, 27.
«Nowadays doctors are out of hospitals, and patients are without medical care. This happens due to the fact, that the first Vice-Minister, Sakharova, promised prominent financial resources, but was fired. Tarasov was chosen as a new one, thus all agreements were canceled. Because of the personnel leapfrog, doctors again continue suffering,» said Stepan Firstov: «In general, the last personnel rotations of Health managers in the region are quite surprising: from hospitals to the Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund, from deputies of the town to the first Vice-Ministers, who is responsible for everything. There is no proper assessment tool of effectiveness of their work, except Instagram sponsored comments and Telegram-channels rates. As as a result, doctors and patients are the first to suffer.»
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