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Home News Situation with the medical and obstetrical centers is disheartening. It is confirmed by the deputies of the Legislative Assembly of the region during an outside session on 23 March 2021

Situation with the medical and obstetrical centers is disheartening. It is confirmed by the deputies of the Legislative Assembly of the region during an outside session on 23 March 2021

23 March 2021

Results of the outside session on the primary Health care modernization in Chelyabinsk region turned to be quite unpredictable for authorities.

The outside session was attended by the deputies and staff of the Legislative Assembly jointly with the Minister of Health Yuriy Semenov, Head of the department of the Argayash municipal region Igor Ishimov and the Chief doctor of the State-funded health institution district hospital of the Argayash district Nikolay Pankov.

The outside session, in fact, was a field check of the situation in the primary health care.

During the session, the delegation visited several settlements of the Argayash municipal district of Chelyabinsk region. Among them was Uvildy, where the real medical and obstetrical center has although been working. But the real situation with working palaces was poor: below zero temperature, rusty pipes, traumatic and icy porch, the apperance of the room needed to be repaired long ago.

The new medical and obstacle center in the settlement was more likely to be built in 2023. In the Ayazgulova village the building of the current medical and obstacle center was recognized as an emergency one and has not been functioning recently. Villagers had to ask regional clinic in Argayash district for the medical care.

Construction of a new block structure of the medical and obstacle center was in a preparation stage. The final point of the session was a visit to the State-funded health institution district hospital of the Argayash district: a comprehensive overhaul was being carried out in the hospital, the repair of the children's polyclinic was scheduled for 2022-2024, and the construction of a new modern polyclinic equiped with of all necessary facilities and equipment was also planned for 2021.

In general, it seemed, that the dynamics were positive, but the «cry for help» from doctors and nurses of the children's polyclinic turned out to be unexpected for the audience. So simple and clear, «people in lab coats» said, that they were in dire need, for example, for special clothes.

And further, having no fear to be fired, they reported that the chief doctor simply did not hear their requests and pleas. The clinic did not have enough medicines, gloves and syringes. Employees purchase paper, glue and stationery by themselves. There was an extremely acute shortage of personnel: there were only 4 pediatricians for 11 thousand children. The same answer was given to the question by the Head of the «PARTY OF PENSIONERS» faction Stepan Firstov about the average monthly salary: «The senior nurse of children's polyclinic receives 17 thousand rubles».

«Well, now the representatives of all factions have heard the voice of doctors about the real salary. This situation is not surprising us, we regularly visit the field and hear these figures. At the session of the social policy committee, which was held last Thursday, we announced similar figures from Yuzhnouralsk. It is quite obvious, that the average salary of a doctor and a health care worker, as presented by the Ministry of Health, is far from reality. I repeat, these figures are achieved by combined practice and working on 3-4 medical rates. The revelations of the employees, expressed so publicly, certainly speak about the intensity of the situation. It is important to be noted, that we, from our part, must ensure of the safety of these employees and guarantee, that they will not be dismissed and no repressive measures will be applied to them. The professional community should work here, and this is very important. Moreover, from the Party of Pensioners, we will present medical gowns to our colleague-doctors, employees of the children's polyclinic considering the respect to their hard work,» commented Stepan Firstov.

The shortage of personnel is also confirmed by the chief doctor of the Argayash district hospital Nikolay Pankov, especially noting the lack of neurologists, traumatologists, pediatricians, pediatric surgeons and ophthalmologists.

The Minister of Health of the region Yuri Semenov promised a control check on the issue of calculating and paying salaries for hospital employees.

After visiting the settlements, which was planned as part of the outside session Stepan Firstov being the Head of the regional branch of the Russian Party of Pensioners for Social Justice in Chelyabinsk region, made a reversal move and went on a visit to the Ishalino settlement in the Argayash district. Earlier the Party of Pensioners received an appeal from the staff of the local center for General Medical Practice.

The facts indicated in the appeal were directly confirmed on the spot: the building of the centre, which had appointments for the adults and children of the village was in an extremely poor condition: outdated communications, cracks on the walls and ceiling, the room did not meet fire safety standards, the temperature was 15°C-17°C above zero, during frosty days it dropped to 9°C above zero, there was no necessary equipment, the existing equipment was wore out and became unusable. The real salaries of employees were also disappointing: a doctor of the general practice earns 23 thousand rubles per month and a nurse earns 15-17 thousand rubles.

«It is situation, which is observed by us, that has no reason. The condition of the room does not meet the water, sanitation, hygiene (WASH) and fire standards. It does not meet general humanitarian law and, moreover, people work inhere, and citizens come inhere including children to get medical services. It is fully impossible to work effectively with a good result in the building with the average temperature of 15°C above zero. The situation is extremely difficult. There is a great lack of capacity. The citizens talk about complete hopelessness in the clinic. They do not believe in Health. To get medical care they go either to Chelyabinsk, or to the restricted areas. Today we achieved one more confirmation, a doctor working at one rate receives no more than 22-23 thousand rubles. A paramedic and a nurse receive even less. What other proves do you need, when officials will be able to hear the voice of doctors in clinics? What is the target rate for the average salary of doctors and medical stuff calculated up to 30-60-80 thousand roubles we are talking about, if the doctors from remoted areas survive in the regime of every day feat, while treating people and save the health of the region.» concluded Stepan Firtov.

Following the results of this session, it was decided to conduct the same sessions regularly. The deputies would take control over the mentioned issues.

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