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Why medical and obstetrical centers opened in Chelyabinsk region do not work?

19 April 2021

The leader of Chelyabinsk faction of the Russian Party of Pensioners for Social Justice, the Deputy of the Legislative Assembly of Chelyabinsk region Stepan Firstov continues his on-site inspections to find out working conditions of medical organizations of Chelyabinsk region.

This time, the Party members have a visit to Poletaevsky rural settlement of Sosnovsky municipal district of Chelyabinsk region.

«The public reception of the Party of Pensioners receives a large number of appeals form citizens on the topic of the Health. These include complaints about the unavailability of medical care due to the lack of specialists and complaints about general conditions and equipment of medical organizations in the region. With no doubt, each appeal is considered and resolved on an individual basis. But when we receive a collective appeal from more than two hundred residents, frankly speaking, not the largest settlement in the region, we understand that there is a real misfortune. People are driven to despair, fear for the lives and health of their loved ones. At the reception they directly say, that they feel forgotten and the local and regional government do not hear their voice and their rights to health and medical care enriched in the Constitution of the Russian Federation are violated. And it is indeed scary. Therefore, we have decided to hold an on-site inspection of the Party of Pensioners faction to analyze situation on the place.» reported Stepan Firstov.

It is decided to start an on-site inspection on compliants of citizens in the village named Poletaevo-2. In January 2020 a module medical and obstetrical center amounted up to 5 million rubles considering citizens opinions is solemnly opened. The village Poletaevo-2 is home for 300 people and many of them are pensioners. The old medical and obstetrical center is not working due to the lack of transport links, and to get to the nearest hospital is almost impossible. All villagers are glad to know about newly opened medical and obstetrical center. A paramedic working under the «Zemsky feldsher» program turns to be a real professional, benevolent and kind-hearted person. But it lasts not for a long time. After a year of work a paramedic resigns because of administrative pressure. Moreover, according to residents came to the meeting convened because of the conflict with the head of the clinic and its unacceptably rude treatment to employees, in recent time, more than ten medical professionals have to quit their job. However, relying on the words of villagers, for a few days before early announced visit of the Deputy Stepan Firstov to Poletaevo-2, an appointment schedule of a paramedic and a district doctor was posted.

»Today we have seen another confirmation, that staff assignments made without involvement of a medical community were not effective, to put it mildly. The newly build and properly equipped medical and obstetrical center left without a doctor for today. When professionals leave the industry, it is always a loss, especially in remoted areas. And staff turnover is always a failure of a manager!» commented Stepan Firstov.

In the Vitaminny village, parliamentarians see more unusual picture: medical and obstetrical center built and solemnly opened in early 2020 have not work a day since its opening. Residents declare, that despite the modest area size of the village, none of the residents know about building of this new medical and obstetrical center and no one is invited to its official opening. Medical and obstetrical center is a hard wall building with a living space for a paramedic, but to attract a medical professional ready to live and work in such comfortable conditions seems not possible. Reasons to chose exactly Vitaminny village for building medical and obstetrical center still remains unclear. Budget resources have been disbursed, but residents of the village still receive no medical care.

Final points of the on-site inspection are Leninsky, Birgilda and Verkhnyye Malyuki villages. The single medical and obstetrical center for these three points is closed. Villagers remain without medical care. The existing building is empty for today.

Thus, out of 5 medical and obstetrical centers in Poletaevo village works only one, which is situated in Vysokiy village with part-time schedule. Poor conditions of this medical and obstetrical center with stove heating according to residents is not comforting.

»In my opinion, the situation, which is seen in a single rural settlement, is not just terrible, it is disastrous! There is a whole range of problems. On the one hand, this is the inefficiency of the managment of a particular medical organization. At a time, when the entire country as well as Chelyabinsk region, particularly, suffer the shortage of medical staff, which counts about 40%, when every medical worker is highly valuable and all this is on the pandemic background, which should not be forgotten, such a personnel policy is simply unacceptable. The shortage of doctors is a consequance of a negligent attitude toward a doctor and the industry as a whole! On the contrary, medical workers in rural areas need additional support measures, incentive payments, mentoring systems, team support and a leader. A doctor in a rural area is a unique person, it is not just a doctor, it is a psychologist and a friend, if you wish. He or she works almost around the clock and always ready to help. Therefore, when dozens of medical professionals in-demand resign from a hospital, it is tragedy for the entire Health system of the region. When it is one person to be blamed, it rises a lot of questions. But what we see today defies logic. Million of rubles are allocated and sucessfully spent from the budget to build medical and obstetrical centers in Poletaevo rural settlement. What we seen on the spot? Medical and obstetrical center in Poletaevo-2 has not been working for several months due to the absence of a paramedic. Empty medical and obstetrical center in Vitaminny village has not seen a foot! There are many questions to be answered such as location, working conditions. Who made the decision about building of the construction and who should be responsible? On behalf of the Party of Pensioners we repeatedly declare, that before the construction of a new medical and obstetrical center, first and foremost, there is a need to find employees. I repeat, there are no walls or beautiful buildings to treat people, but doctors! Moreover, who is responsible for residents, to whom authorities presented such a monument with the concise name of medical and obstetrical center? But medical care is still not available for them! All these issues are going to be discussed on level of the Legislative Assembly and the Ministry of Health of Chelyabinsk region. It is extremely important today to fill all personnel gaps and provide residents of Poletaevo rural settlement with accessible medical care of high quality.» reported Stepan Firstov.

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