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World medical leaders call on eliminating the existential threat of nuclear weapons

02 October 2021

September 30, 2021 evening was held a webinar with participation of represantatives of international community on nuclear threat in the world. It was attended by the UN-Under-Secretary-General, the International Federation of Red Cross, Rotary International and the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War as well as a Presidium Member of the All-Russian Public Organization Society of Doctors of Russia, an Associate Member of the World Medical Association Stepan Firstov.

Presentations of all speakers start with the historical reference to an experienced disaster in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. World faces numerous challenges, for example, climate change, difficulties in achieving sustain development, but nuclear threat is the most critical one. Despite significant reduction of nuclear capacity, it is impossible to be completely sure, that no one will ever use it. The pandemic of nowadays is a disastrous danger for all people, the Health care system and not limited up to it. However, the consequences of the nuclear mushroom cloud have nothing in common with it. The consequences include imminent death, destruction of all ecosystems, planet temperature increase, therefore, an absolute catastrophe. If, after the end of the cold war, it seemed, that the problem of nuclear threat would never arise, thus, now we know, that in many countries continue to build up nuclear capacity. Its utilization risks have increase greatly. The nuclear weapon development requires significant financial resources. It will be better, if we invest these funds in modernization of educational programs and the Health. There is an example of the Rotary International in India. The development and testing of nuclear weapon are not a political act. It has nothing in common with humanity and respect for human rights.

Experts agree on informing the public on the imminent danger of threat. We are to remind the young generation of the lamentable historical experience, to promote the compassion, empathy and humanity. We are inhabitants of one planet. We are neighbours. Why don't we learn peaceful and conflict-free coexistence? Moreover, any information on the nuclear weapon of this or that country must be available and transparent. Testing of nuclear weapon does not correspond to the ethical as well as regulatory rules prescribed in the WMA Geneva Declaration and must be stopped forever. The next step is nuclear disarmament and absolute destruction of nuclear capacity. "Discussions are planned to be held next UNGA in New York. Nuclear powers such as the US and the Russian Federation are invited to build a dialogue on nuclear disarmament in Geneva," said the UN-Under-Secretary-General and High Representative for Disarmament Affairs.