Firstov Stepan



Physician, Politician, Social Activist, Associate Member of the World Medical Association

«The most important condition to implement the human right to health is professionally skilled and responsible for their work physicians. To protect a physician means to protect a patient.»

Stepan Firstov

Home News The World Medical Association welcomes its delegates in Washington, D.C.

The World Medical Association welcomes its delegates in Washington, D.C.

17 June 2022

Defining the basic guidelines, norms and central duties of the medicial profession the WMA issued the WMA International Code of Medical Ethics (ICoME). After a four-years revision process of the document by country-members from more than 20 countries, the final draft variant is presented to participants for discussions, analysis and corrections. Following the International Code of Medical Ethics (ICoME) lively negotiations, it will be forwarded to the WMA Council Members, and if approve, thus it will be adopted during the upcoming WMA General Assembly in Berlin 5-8 October 2022.

The discussions are scheduled for 11-12 August 2022 in Washington, which is the capital of the USA. Platform for the discussions is the Westin Washington, D.C. City Center. All WMA members as well as all invited guests can join the event. There is the WMA AM, Presidium Member of the Society of doctors of Russia Stepan Firstov among participants. The American Medical Association (AMA) is an active partner of the event under the patronage of the World Medical Association. According to the agenda, discussions will start early in the morning and last till late in the evening. The event is scheduled to be held only with in-person presence of delegates from all about the world.