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Home News Jeff Monson underwent a surgery at the hospital headed by Stepan Firstov.

Jeff Monson underwent a surgery at the hospital headed by Stepan Firstov.

16 January 2019

A famous sportsman, a MMA fighter, two times world wrestling champion, Brazilian jiu-jitsu world champion and lately Russian citizen and Krasnogorsk city district deputy Jeff Monson had the surgery on 14 January 2019 in Miass town of Chelyabinsk region at the FMC hospital.

According to the athlete, pain bothered him for a long time. Lately, it was difficult for him to walk, but before making decision to have the surgery, he had to do a serious medical examination and find a master-of-his-job doctor.

The event has created a great resonance in Mass Media and entailed many publications and TV reports. Going to meet many other requests, «star patient» has recorded a video with words of gratitude to a doctor and to the director of the hospital.

«It is an honour for us to help a legendary «Snowman». But I want to notice that the doctors at the hospital treat with all patients in the same way without any exceptions. It is the same for those who has a compulsory health insurance and for those who pays for surgery by themselves,» says Stepan Firstov, a General Director of the FMC hospital.

By the way, Jeff Monson, received his compulsory health insurance in Chelyabinsk. Actually, it is not the first time for a legendary MMA fighter visits the South Ural. He visited Chelyabinsk twice as an MMA intentional tournament guest and held a master-class for young sportsmen. Last year many people noticed Jeff walking with a limp. Indeed, since September Monson decided to take care of his health (despite the injuries and age factor, he has not officially finished his career). He started asking his friends to recommend a good hospital.

Sportsman realized that, probably, it was necessary to have his hip replaced. Summing up all pros and cons he decided to do the surgery neither in Moscow nor in New York, but in Miass. The most important criterion for Monson to choose regional Russian hospital was, first of all, experience and qualification of the surgeon who would be doing the endoprosthesis.

«The hip replacement surgery lasted 45 minutes. The surgery turned to be chellenging. Many injuries, more than 90 fights in the career were the factors which had an influence on the organism. Certainly, they needed to be taken into consideration. But the surgery is finished. Patient is on his way to recovery. The rehabilitation process has already begun,» says Andrey Filippov, a traumatologist and orthopedist performing a surgery on Jeff Monson.

To add, the doctor and his patient have found a common ground surprisingly quickly. And both of them were born on the same day of 18 January! Everybody in hospital of Stepan Firstov noticed that Jeff despite his «star status» had a great respect for doctors, nurses and all medical stuff. And he declared with respect that his son Joshua is studying to be a general practitioner and Jeff himself is a psychologist by the first profession…